Promote Your Business With SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Promote your business with SMS marketing

I know you must have heard about SMS marketing, which is so popular to market your business. If you have not then don't worry. In this article, you would get complete details related to SMS marketing and how it can be a game-changer to promote your business. 

What is SMS?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a text message which you can send to your potential and existing customers to promote your product and services directly to their mobile phones. We are already sending these text messages to our family or friends as a medium of communication. 

What is SMS Marketing? 

Marketing is also all about communication. These messages could also be triggered from your business point of view to sell your products and services to a huge list of potential customers. Sending messages in bulk to your customers is called Bulk Messaging. When we say bulk it means to push an SMS at one time to the complete list of customers. This list could be as long as containing thousands or millions of mobile numbers. SMS marketing is so popular as the SMS is the most common way for billions of people to convey the message with one another.

  • SMS open rates are more than 80%
  • 90% of texts are read by your potential customer within 3 minutes of delivery
  • More than 65% of marketers are confident that SMS marketing is “very effective”

Types of SMS

1. Promotional Messages

Promotional messages are sent to the end-users/potential customers to promote your products or services. These customers are already part of your opt-in list and have provided consent to receive messages from your business. These messages are having higher conversion rates. Smartphones are always very handy with the users and SMS related to your business would be instantly eye-catching for them.

These promotional messages are sent to increase brand awareness, business offerings, coupon codes, and generate sales. These promotional messages would not be delivered to the mobile numbers that are opted in for DND (do not disturb) so no promotional content could be delivered to these numbers. 

2. Transactional Messages

Transactional messages are triggered when any transaction is completed. OTP (one-time passwords) and debit messages that were received after cash withdrawal from the ATM machines are the examples of the Transactional messages. These messages are having the highest priority to get them delivered and could be sent 24/7 regardless of the DND status.

Banking and Financial institutions generally use the transaction pipeline to trigger these transactional messages. 

How To Grow Your SMS Opt-in List

If you already have a list of customers who have provided their consent to receive messages then it's great. However, there may be the case that you are a new business and do not have your ready-made list available. In this case, you can adopt many marketing strategies to reach a larger audience and grow your opt-in list. Some of these are below.


Business can you use the email address provided by their customers while signing-up on the website or app. Emails could be sent to these customers to take their consent (or Opt-in) for receiving the text message notification to get information on business discounts, offers, and promo codes, etc. 

You should include the message and mention the number in your email to add a customer to your opt-in list. For example, mention in the email like send "OPTIN" to 53333 to start receiving information related to discounts and offers. This would help you in growing your opt-in list and give the contact details of the potential customers who are interested in your products and services. 

Social Media

Social Media like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn allows you to promote your brand so you can grow your opt-in list by encouraging your audience to receive SMS from your business. You should always disclose the idea behind getting the contact information from your customers so they could trust you and show their consent in receiving the text message from your business. 

Check here how you can promote your business using Social Media. 

Platforms to run promotional campaigns

Just like email marketing service providers of bulk messaging provide the front end portal to run the campaigns of your promotional messages to promote your business. You just need to upload your mobile number list in the .xls/.xlsx/.csv format and provide the promotional message content and you are all set to trigger your promotional campaign. 

You could also use XML or HTTP APIs to integrate them in your front end to trigger the messages. 

Do not forget to ask the MIS reports from your service provider to track the delivery status of your campaigns to check the delivered/failed/in-progress status of your messages. 

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