How To Promote Your Business During The Coronavirus

How To Promote Your Business During The Coronavirus

How To Promote Your Business During The Coronavirus?

When every country is affected by the novel coronavirus disease, I am sure your business is somewhere affected by it as well. A lot of information is already been released by WHO on how to keep ourselves safe from this pandemic disease and about safety measures like washing your hands regularly and maintaining social distancing. 

But apart from these guidelines, I am going to tell you how you can prevent your Business in this tough time and even can utilize this time to promote your business online. 

The first lesson we need to take from the Coronavirus is, to keep ourselves safe and the next one is to maximize your marketing efforts to get your business ahead! and of course not to pause down it.

Let's see how we can utilize this time via below online marketing strategies 

Internet Marketing using Social Platforms

Internet marketing is very beneficial to promote your business over the internet so that you could attract your Target Audience.
During the coronavirus, when people are restricted to their home and investing so much of their time in online activities like social media access and learning new stuff over the internet, It is highly recommended for your business to have an online presence.

The well planned digital marketing approach is required to promote your business over the internet. This approach includes your online presence through your business website and other customer engagement techniques like email marketing and posting your business-related updates, offers, etc, on different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Don't forget to use hashtags related to the Coronavirus like #StaySafe, #StopTheSpread, #workfromhome, #SocialDistancing to spread your message to the larger audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial emails to send emails related to promotional and transactional communication activities and is very much popular and indicates your customer engagement strategy. 

Nowadays, when Coronavirus spread is across the world, you can always reach your existing customers to let them know about your actions and strategy which develops the trust of your customers on your brand. 

You should consider below questions while addressing your customers and include it in your email marketing communication: 

  • How are you cleaning your office or workplace or building differently?
  • What are the steps taken by your business to protect your customers and your staff?
  • Is there any change in the working hours of the business operations?
  • Will your customers’ service be disrupted? Will product deliveries be delayed?
  • How can customers contact you with questions?
  • Where customers could get the latest information about how your business handling the crisis?

Email Marketing is primarily used to promote your business and targeting your audience to turn into your customers. Sending Newsletters and emails to your potential and existing customers would always develop trust among them.

A professional template for your email is essential to carry out the promotion of your business among the users. A nice template includes a concise subject line, a proper greeting, purpose of the email, and your signatures including company name, logo, and the mission of your business.

Aweber is an email marketing platform that is very easy to use and where you can have multiple templates to promote your business to your subscribers. 

Please refer to this link of Email Marketing for more details.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you are having your own business website or an e-commerce portal, where the customer could make the transactions or could contact you for business proposals then it is the high time to get your website on the top of the listings of the search engine requests. 

Whenever your potential customer looks for any product and services online, Google, Bing, and other search engines play an important role in showing your website on the top. This always leads to the opportunity to gain customers and build a relationship with your brand.

By your continuous efforts in improving your website's search engine optimization (SEO) would always result in the good ranking of your website to be shown on the top by the search engine. So leaving your website as it is with no further improvement due to this Coronavirus impact is not the best idea for sure and would leave your business on the back foot.

There are several websites that are available where you can always check the SEO score of your website and could take the corrective measure to be on the top list.

By actively promoting your business you can keep your business on the track in such a tough time and always would be in the highlight of your customers. 

Thank you for your time, also please check how to Promote your business on FacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram.